Sunday, August 26, 2012

More Project Life....

Finally getting around to updating the blog again.  I swear I don't know where the time goes.  I have the best intentions but then life seems to get in the way or there is always something else to do.  I took these photos of my Project Life album back in June with the intention of posting them, but as you can see, that didn't happen.  But hey, better late than never right? I'm actually loving this project and can't believe I've kept it going for more than half the year already!  I'm still going strong and am already looking forward to continuing next year.  

So enough rambling already, lets get to those pages!  Now, where did I leave off?  Oh yeah, week 11, so lets start with week 12:

Week 12 

Zachery & Benjamin have been dying to see The Hunger Games and begged us to let them go to the midnight premiere.  We finally gave in and dropped them off at the theatre right after school so they could get in line (yes, there was already several lines!).  They had a great time, except for the long wait, and loved the movie.  I was so glad they were able to spend the time together. 

Week 13

I included an insert this week for one of Benjamin's math tests.  He got an A so I thought it deserved to be included! 

I also added a black & white photo this week and I really like how it turned out.  I need to remember to do that more often.  

Week 14

This week was a favorite because I had some really great photos this week.  I also included another black & white photo.  


Love these two photos I got of the boys as I picked them up from school today.  Love their expressions and how happy they are to see me. 

Week 15

This week was Spring Break and Benjamin and I drove up to see my best friend Kerry for a few days.  Benjamin loves to play with Payton and Nolan and they all get along so well.  I added a 6x12 insert to include more of them photos from our trip.  

I included a close up photo of our pain scale board at work because a family member of one of my patients did this cute little drawing.  I loved it and knew I wanted to put this photo in my PL album for this week.  

Week 16 

We tackled the chore of painting the outside of our house this week and it was quite a production!  Mark got started one day while I was at work and did the front of the garage.  We finally settled on a color called Painted Turtle by Behr after months of looking at colors and houses to get ideas.  The color we choose is a gray/green and we are extremely happy with how it turned out.  It isn't perfect but it sure is better than it was!  We ended up buying a sprayer to do the stucco since our attempt with the roller brush was just not going to work.  It made it so quick & easy to do the rest of the house!  Although we did have a bit of overspray on the trim but that needs to be repainted as well, so we weren't too concerned.

I loved seeing these little notes that Mark left for me while he was doing prep work on the sides and back of the house!  He is always doing sweet stuff like that and it's just one of the reasons I love him so much! Jean was in town toward the end of the week and she liked our choice of paint, too.  Now I can't wait to start on the landscaping to brighten up the yard.  I want to plant lots of pretty colored flowers and shrubs but first I need to pay attention to the light patterns and talk to the people at Armstrong Nursery to see what would grow best in our yard. 


Week 17


The photo of my oldest son, Zachery, in the top right corner is one I'm so happy I was able to capture.  It is the way he says good bye to me every day when I drop him off at school.  He always gives me the peace sign and says "see ya!"  It's the little things like that thatI love including in this album.

Week 18

I did a self portrait this week using the camera on my computer.  I am so excited to have found a blog, The Small Things Blog with the most amazing hair tutorials!  Kate does these awesome video tutorials and goes over so many different styles step by step so even someone as uncoordinated as me in the hair department can follow along!  I was able to curl my hair and actually LOVED it for the first time ever!

I was so glad Mark took a photo of me sorting through old family photos.  It was quite an undertaking and took several days to go through them all.  It was so fun to see all those old photos of my mom & dad, my aunts & uncles, cousins, and my grandparents, etc...  It did make me a little sad though since most of them are gone now.  But I am so glad to have these photos to remember them by.  We are working on scanning all of them and then I would like to work on getting some of them into my scrapbooks!   

Week 19


Mark & I escaped while the kids were at school and had an afternoon lunch date.  We ate at PF Changs and sat outside to enjoy the beautiful day.  We need to make time to do this more often.  


Week 20

This week was Mothers Day.  I had to work so I didn't really get to spend the day with the boys but I had Mark take a quick photo of us when I got home.  They had a sweet card and a pot of tulips waiting for me!  My sister in law sent me a photo of my nephew TJ this week, too.  I sure do miss the little guy, he is so much fun!  We also tried out our new underwater camera in the pool one day. 


Got a great shot of Benjamin under the water!  We need to practice for our upcoming Hawaii trip!  Roxy enjoyed swimming with us that day too.  She loves to be wherever we are, especially in the water! 

Week 21

Mark is trying to get a good start on his tan this summer since the weather is warming up.  We are planning a trip to Hawaii for our anniversary this year and want to spend lots of time in the sun so we need to be prepared.  We are loving the new lounge chairs we got from Costco, too.  They are perfect for soaking up the sun out back.  

Phew!!  Well that is all I have for now!  I am actually completely caught up but I need to take photos of my more recent weeks.  I will post those once I get them photographed.  


  1. Your pages look so great!! Your photos are wonderful and you take such a nice variety of photos. Such a treasure! I love that you included a math test too! And oh my goodness, that shot of your son saying goodbye to you is so sweet. I used to take photos of my boys walking away from me last year when I dropped them off and now Alec's driving. Things change so fast and I love that it's documented for us!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind comments! That photo of my son is a favorite for sure (probably needs it own layout someday) & I'm so thankful already that I have it as a visual reminder of a memory I cherish. It's funny but he's the one who usually hates for me to take his picture (always has) and yet he is the one who spends the most time looking at my album. Makes me feel it's all worth it to document all these little moments of our lives, because you are absolutely right, it changes so fast!