Monday, March 26, 2012

Did you forget about me??

Ok, so I'm not so good at the blog thing just yet.  Life gets so busy and I'm usually doing all I can just to keep afloat.  I have no idea what keeps me so busy most days, I always feel like my life is pretty darn boring!  I wish I was better at this, I'm actually working hard to be better at this.  Just still not feeling like I have a lot to say that others want to read about.  I should use this as my online journal of sorts, maybe that would make it easier.  Maybe if I can begin to think of it like that, it will help.  Hmmmm.....  Guess we'll have to wait and see.  

Anyway, since part of the reason I started this blog was to share my Project Life pages (and as you can probably guess, I'm a wee bit behind in that area!) I guess I'll try to catch you up.  I'm finally "caught up", meaning I'm current with the week we are in.  Today my goal is to work on last week so I will be ready for the coming week, which officially started yesterday.  This will be a lengthy catch up post as I have several weeks to post so bear with me.  Here goes:

Week 4

Benjamin was sick this week so I included a photo of the meds we were giving him to help him feel better and get some rest.  Also got an Instax photo of him snuggling with Mark.  He is still such a love bug when he's sick.

I included some receipts from the week as well as a screen shot from the Nike+ app that records our runs.  

This is week 4 full spread. I'm still enjoying using both the Clementine and Cobalt kits. 

Week 5

Used one of the bigger cards for the first time today and attached a small Instax photo to go with it.  It's fun to change things up a little bit.  I've also been enjoying using Ali Edwards' digital elements on my pages.  

I was supposed to run the Huntington Beach Half Marathon this weekend but due to illness, holidays and a residual injury, I was unable to run.  I was heartbroken about it since this would have been the 3rd year in a row I had completed this run.  It is my favorite race because the entire course is runs along PCH and the beach.  Even though I didn't run, I included my race bib as an insert and documented the story about why I didn't run.  

I also included a smaller photo of the race bib, my race shirt and the very cool bag they always give to the runners.  I included some more instagram photos from this week too.  I still haven't gotten into the habit of carrying my big DSLR camera around with me and find myself using my iPhone frequently in its place.  

I forgot to get a photo of the full page spread for Week 5, oops!

Week 6

This was a fun week and a busy weekend for us.  Zachery had his first dance of the year, the Winter Formal.  We took him shopping on Saturday before the dance and he picked out a new shirt and tie.  Love seeing him get dressed up (although Mark still had to help him tie his tie!).  He is growing up so fast and getting to be such a handsome young man!  We are so proud of him.  The three photos on the left side of the first page here are part of a small set of inserts.  I had several photos this week I really wanted to include and needed a little more room.  

The 3 photos on the left of this page are the first side of the photo insert from above.  Sorry about the out of order part of things, I'm still getting the hang of photographing and sharing my pages!  This week I included just a few photos from Superbowl Sunday.  We had just a couple friends over and really got to enjoy the game.  I also included some photos of Roxy, our black lab, who was in rare form this weekend!  She loves Bob, Mark's dad, and was having a blast out front "helping" them work on the cars.  She also took a short trip to Home Depot with us and was such a good girl. 

The one photo in the bottom corner is the only photo Zachery would let me take before taking him to the dance.  He really doesn't like pictures most of the time so I was lucky and happy to get that one picture!  Can you believe how much taller he is than I am already??  

Week 6 full spread.

Week 7

Valentines Week was a quiet week for us with no real big celebration this year.  We didn't give each other or the boys gifts this year, we all just weren't really feeling it and that's ok.   Mark & I did escape for a nice lunch at The Cheesecake Factory and a romantic comedy, The Vow, while the boys were in school.  It was nice and simple and totally us.  Love that.  

I was happy to get some everyday life shots this week to include, especially the one of Zachery relaxing in his room.  I snuck up and took this while he wasn't paying attention!  I also included a copy of a nice comment card from one of my patients at work.  Was so excited to see this since I had really connected with the patient and her family during her stay.  

Week 7 full spread. 

Week 8 was a special week for us all.  On Sunday we went to my nephews wedding!  We love these two so much and it was so great to share their special day with them.  They remind Mark & I so much of us when we were younger.  They are about the same age as we were when we got married and Jaime is joining the service just like Mark did.  We wish them all the love & happiness we have shared over our 20 years of married life!  I included another 6x12 photo insert to add in the extra photos from the wedding I wanted to include.  

The family shot of us in the middle there is a new favorite.  And I just love the photo of Zachery and Emma dancing it up on the bottom.  They had such a good time together and it was great to see how good Zachery was with his little cousin!  

The other good news this week was that I finally got a NEW CAR after driving my van for 10 years!!!  I hadn't planned to get a new car just yet.  I was planning to wait another year or two, pay off a little more of our debt and enjoy not having a car payment for awhile.  But Mark had other ideas and he went car shopping while I was at work on Friday.  We narrowed it down to 3 cars we really liked and decided to go test drive them on Saturday. It didn't take us long to fall in love with the new Honda Pilot EX-L.  I had warned him ahead of time that if I was gonna buy a new car I was going to go all the way.  It had to have everything!  I didn't want to settle again.  He agreed and so we had a blast negotiating with the people at the dealership.  Bob (who has been buying cars & parts from that dealership for over 20 years and knows all the guys by first name) came to help us negotiate and we ended up getting a pretty sweet deal all in all.  It was so nice to drive home in my new car!!  I absolutely LOVE it!  

I added an insert to hold the brochure of my new car.  It worked out that I also had a gas receipt from the last gas purchase I made in my old Dodge Grand Caravan, too.  

Full spread for week 8 with both inserts showing. 

Week 9 

This is one of my favorite weeks for photos so far.  I got a couple of really good pictures that I was so happy to have.  I already know I will enjoy looking back on these for many years!  The first one is the upper right photo in this spread.  It is a shot of Zachery's desk.  It was shot on a random day, nothing special about it except that it really speaks to me about who he is right now.  I had to include a large card for journaling all about it, the kind that hold the story inside.  I also plan to enlarge the photo and do a 12x12 scrapbook page as well.  

Friday night was the night Zachery has been waiting for for several months!  Opening night for the school musical, How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.  He had a pretty big part this year as Mr. Gatch.  Again we were blown away by the talent up on stage and how professional these kids are.  It was a GREAT play and we had a big group to cheer him on this year, 13 of us total.  We were so proud of him and even Benjamin was excited to tell him what a good job he did!  So happy he has found something he really enjoys doing!  

Week 9 full spread above with the insert with the program from the musical included as an insert.  This week also included 2 inserts as I also added several photos taken during the performance.  

Up close of the photo insert and part of the final page for the week, shown fully in photo below. 

Week 10

I actually included a photo from after Zachery's performance from last week in the school musical just because I liked it so much.  I didn't have another photo for that day so it worked out great.  I love that this project is whatever you want to make it.  I loved seeing the beautiful red flowers in our front yard blooming, Spring is definitely making itself known around here.  

We had an exciting end to our week again!  This time Mark bought a new car!!  Once I got mine he was feeling like he needed a new one as well.  We have been talking about keeping his older Civic for Zachery since he is going to be driving as soon as he takes Drivers Ed, and Mark has wanted this particular car since 1991!  Honda makes very few of them these days and they are hard to come by.  So when they called him to say they had just received a 2012 Honda Civic Si with Navi in stock, he went right in to test drive it.  We both fell in love with it!  It has so much speed and is incredibly fun to drive!  It took a bit of wheeling and dealing but we finally came to terms regarding price & financing and he was able to drive off in his dream car.  My favorite picture of the week is the bottom photo that shows us in our driveway and I included the title "His and Hers"!  We are so fortunate to be able to drive nice, new cars!  

Week 10 full spread.  

Week 11

I came across some more awesome Project Life digital elements via Pinterest this week and enjoyed using them for my album.  So much inspiration out there! 

I duplicated a look from Ali Edwards week 10 page.  I love how she took apart one of her digital elements and added text in between.  I had taken a perfect picture to include this same idea and I love how it came out!  

Week 11 full spread.

Finally!  All updated on my Project Life pages now!!  What a relief.  Now I just need to make it a priority to keep up with this part of my goal.  Overall I'm just really happy to be participating in this project created by Becky Higgins

I'm also looking forward to trying to participate in Ali's A Week In The Life next month as well.  It will be fun to try it.  I'm one of those people she mentions who actually thinks my life is rather boring on a day to day basis, especially with my work schedule but I'm going to give it a try and hopefully have something to look back on in later years and enjoy.  


  1. You are doing awesome! I love your pages! Cobalt and Clementine look so good together. I did two weeks last weekend so I'm caught up too.

  2. Those all look great! I especially love that you included the marathon memorabilia!

  3. Oh wow you have been buissy ♥ I admire you that get this all done... I got to buying the pockets :)