Thursday, January 12, 2012

Project Life -- Week 1

Wow, my long stretch of days is over and I plan to relax and enjoy a few days off now.  I'm excited to share week 1 of my Project Life with you.  This project was so fun to put together and I'm looking forward to the following weeks.  Hoping to make myself stick with it and have a great finished product full of our families memories from this year.  

Here is the first page of week 1.  Used a photo from Pinterest that I loved to show the washing in 2012.  I'm a beach girl so this just seemed appropriate to include.  And it fits with my thoughts for the previous year.  I'm happy to wash away 2011 and look ahead to 2012.  Love that I was able to use an Instax photo also.  I'm enjoying the retro look and feel of the polaroid images.  

This is the right side of week 1 and I included a few pieces of my week:  a list from my trip to Target and a little part of a "brain" that  I used at work one day that week.  Also included a picture of a dinner we had that week, made by my mother in law.  

And here is the full spread.  I'm pretty happy with how this first week turned out.  It is a pretty good representation of our week.  I want to include more photos of my family in the next week.  I have to get my boys used to seeing me with my camera a lot more often.  My oldest son, Zachery, really doesn't care to have his picture taken these days but he is going to have to get used to it.  My little guy, Benjamin, is pretty easy going most of the time and just smiles and hams it up for me.  

I am extremely happy with my new Epson R2000 wide format printer and loved being able to print my photos from the convenience of my own home.  It made it simple to work on my pages.  No stopping and waiting to pick up images from my local Costco or Target.  

I am also super happy to finally have a workbench and my own creative space in our new home.  It's not ideal (as in a complete room to myself) but it will do for now.  The bench I bought is actually a kitchen island workspace in a butcher block style but it is actually perfect for using as a scrap table.  It is waist height so I can stand and scrap which is easier for me.  I like the perspective of being a little above my projects.  Plus it has several drawers and a place for baskets as well.  I will share photos when I have it a little more organized.  I am planning to put some shelves above the bench to store a few items as well.  I'll be looking for interesting ideas for small spaces in the coming weeks to help me plan my own space.  


  1. I LOVE that picture from Pinterest - how do I find you on there? Would you mind if I use it maybe for my cover page? I feel the same way as you moving on from last year! Looks like you got a great variety in your week!

  2. Oh this looks so good! I love that little instax pic. And that was such a good idea with the years on the beach! Glad you are all enjoying it. You will be so happy to have it at the end of the year. I hope your boys get used to it. Mine have pretty much accepted that there is a camera around most days!