Saturday, January 7, 2012

A good day.

Yesterday was a good day.  The kind of day where you feel lucky to be alive & breathing fresh air, where your kids are actually in good moods and give you very little attitude, where you have a yummy, home cooked dinner and a nice, relaxing evening.  I spent the morning figuring out this whole blog thing.  Its a big 'ole world out there and there is quite a learning curve.  I'm glad I persevered and came up with a design that makes me happy.  I intend to keep learning and to change things up as I go along.  Hooray for a comment on my first day, too!

I continued to document little things for Project Life and took several pictures throughout the day.

0800--Dropping off my youngest son at school this morning.  All bundled up cause it was actually a little chilly this morning.  

Mani/Pedi.  This afternoon I got to enjoy a little time to myself, a little pampering.  It's nice to make time to take care of me, to recharge.  

And lastly, a quick trip to Target, my favorite store, to pick up a few essentials.  

I have to work all weekend, but will try to find some ways to document a little of my day and evening as well.  Looking forward to putting together my first week of Project Life either Sunday or Monday.  

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