Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Day | 2012

Dear Zachery, 

I can't believe that are starting your SENIOR year of high school today.  I feel so many emotions.  

Happiness & excitement for you--senior year is such a fun year.  Getting to be the "big man" on campus, senior prom, grad night, looking forward to your future, nearing the end of an era, etc...  

Sadness, mostly, for me--I wonder where the time has gone?  Seems like I just blinked and here you are, a young man, so full of promise.  It seems like only yesterday that I held your hand as I walked you into your Kindergarten classroom.  You were so excited and ready to start school.  Ready for new adventures and new friends, even ready for learning and homework (yes, you were even excited about homework!).  Happiness, for me, too.  I'm so happy that you have made it to this exciting point, that you have such a good head on your shoulders (most of the time), that you have a good group of friends, that you finally have a direction in mind and a plan to get there.  I have seen so much change in you over the last year and it just amazes me.  

I hope this is an AWESOME year for you, son.  I hope you enjoy your last high school musical, hope you enjoy the time with your friends, & that you soak up all the knowledge that your teachers have to share with you.  I hope you focus on your school work a little more this year and go out with a bang grade wise.  You are so incredibly smart, I really want your grades this final year to reflect that.  I am so proud of you, buddy!    

Go, Zachery, Go!!

Love you always, 

journaling done September 2, 2012, photo taken August 30, 2012

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